About Us

Since 1954 Norris has been manufacturing & supplying the hospitality industry with our exceptional range of commercial glass & dishwashers. In true Australian tradition, our innovative founder Vince Norris, designed & produced the first Australian commercial glass washer in his backyard shed.
We are an Australian owned company and to this day all our products are still proudly Australian made.
Our company’s headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Caves Beach NSW. Norris Industries is committed to producing a superior range of products using the latest technology. Recently the manufacturing plant was extended to accommodate newly acquired state of the art technology which has assisted in significantly improving our productivity, allowing us to grow with our expanding markets.
We know our parts, are well stocked and we ship Monday to Friday nationally.
With distribution centres at our factory in Caves Beach NSW and Bayswater VIC and can help you choose the right part when you need.